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  1. So I ordered the platinum label Limited Edition black widow doll October 11 I want to know if I got one that has the numbers on there that says like maybe 4212 out of 5000 I don t want to open the box to find out

    • If it has the white bodysuit on, it should be numbered. Unfortunately you have to at least slide the insert out of the box to see the number. When dolls are new you can sometimes carefully pull back the tape from one side of the box top, slide the insert with the doll attached out about 3/4 of the way and the CofA is in a plastic bag taped to the back. You could then see the number and just slide it back in and reseal with the same tape. Have a small piece of plastic to protect the tape half unattached while you mess with the box so it doesn’t stick to anything.

      I’d love to hear others’ numbers if they open the box. Back in the late 90s there was a huge push out of 10 inch TV sitcom celebrity dolls by companies like Exclusive Premiere where they put the same number on every CoA. They were never limited editions. I don’t think Mattel would do that, so assume white suit it has number on the CoA somewhere between 1 and 5000. I could be wrong since I didn’t remove the bodysuit, but the dolls themselves are not marked with a number.

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