Maya Angelou — 7 Comments

  1. I can’t wait for this doll to go out in s to ores again can’t wait to buy her. I want it to in the future give it to my granddaughter.

    • Trying to find this doll in stores is almost an impossible feat!
      I had it on a notify when available from Target and Walmart.
      Walmart never send me notifications but Target sent me an email 2:30 in the morning saying it was available. Soon as I clicked and entered the site, it was sold out!

  2. It is a Beautiful Doll but it is ridiculous that only so few were made and people are selling them for 500 and up.I want to add it to my Collection.Mattell when u make dolls of color we need them on full order we should not have to be searching like this I saw it on GMA the same day it was sold out.I t was released on my Birthday 1/14/

    • Mattel will probably offer another batch at some point since they still have the notify me option on their page for the doll. Last preorder batch I saw offered back on January 14 was for a May 3 delivery.
      Right now (Mar 8, 2021) on Ebay the doll is selling for $60 with shipping included in the US. Directly from Mattel shipping is about $10 a doll, so the ebay price is only about $20 over retail and you can get it shipped right away.

    • I wanted to get this doll for my daughter and it was sold out before I got the opportunity. I absolutely refuse to spend more than the $29.99. I think it is not only disgusting but ridiculous that people are buying and reselling it for $60 and more.

    • I purchased mine on Mecari. It didn’t cost me too much because I earn credit/money for selling other items on the site.

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