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  1. I had a cher doll about 78 or 79 dark sapphire blue sparkly long one-armed bob mackie dress face great looking at thes now, now i remember the blue eyebrows ha ha

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  4. I looked this up and the 1976 date is inaccurate. I found many Cher dolls online with a 1975 manufacturing date that’s below the scalp on the head. Do a google search. In 1976, it was a popular doll though.

  5. I have this cher doll but it says 1975 on her back . Why is she listed as 1976 ? She has original halter dress and shoes.

    • The date refers to the year the body designed was patented( usually the year before it’s initial​ use) same with the head. They don’t have to change the date unless the body designed changes drastically. Hence every use of that body through 1981 would say 1975….

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  9. I should clarify that a later Cher doll was produced by Mego, and was a cheaper version of the original vinyl doll. She was made a little bit shorter, with a hollow plastic body, legs, and arms. She did not have jointed wrists, and her elbows and knees did not bend. The body was the only thing Mego changed on the new doll, apparently to reduce production costs. They used the same vinyl head from the original doll, with identical hair and facial screening.

  10. The 1976 Mego Cher doll’s bending elbows do, in fact, hold a pose. If the doll’s elbows no longer hold a pose, it’s due to age and playwear, which can eventually break the mechanism inside. I have over a dozen Mego Cher dolls, and about half of them still have working elbows, so she can hold her microphone closer to her mouth.

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