Elton John — 5 Comments

  1. Hi there! I just got one of these wonderful dolls in and I’m just smitten! What a great likeness of the fabulous Mr. John <3 I'm a bit sad that the singing feature on mine doesn't work (changed the batteries, adjusted the cartridge, I tried everything) but I'm glad I got to hear how it would have sounded on your website! Hopefully I can get him restored someday!

    • That’s sad it doesn’t work. Touch wood, I’ve been lucky so far bringing back old used dolls with corroded battery compartments.Maybe it is like the old Atari cartridges, you have to blow on it.

      Did you see my Elton John youtube video? I made the doll play the piano. It is one of my favorite dolls.

  2. hey so i have one of these particular doll I’m wondering if you could tell me the price its 1999 please get back to me soon thank you

    • I just got one on ebay for 125..but that’s because I had to bid on him ..I’m a huge fan and a toy collector so he was well worth it new in box and he works great

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