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  1. Hi, I have a snoop Dogg action figure with the light blue prison shirt, brand new in the box and I’m wondering if these are super rare because I can’t find any just like mine. I’ve seen the other 2 versions on eBay but not the one that I have. Could you please tell me what it’s worth in AUD so I have some idea of what to sell it for if I choose too?? Thanks so much

    • I have kept an eye on Snoop Dogg sales as his doll is one of the most visited on the website, right after Selena and Michael Jackson. If truly new in the box and in good shape, personally I’d be looking at the $300 range in a Buy it Now on Ebay, Start it much lower and run it long on an auction. This is a rather slow time for used celebrity doll sales, so you might do better in the fall when holiday shopping kicks in. Again just my personal opinion.

      I don’t know how the blue shirt one came about. Anyone else know? Where did you get yours? There was one on Ebay with a different box and two with different blue shirts. Perhaps the early prototypes were blue shirts and there were a variety of them. Also the box mentions Adidas shoes and neither of the museum’s Snoop Dogg dolls have them. Did the contract fall through? The museum’s gray shirt one has black slip on shoes and the black and yellow doll has the dress shoes.

    • Probably not that much, but check ebay completed listings. Those are the best market prices there are on what it’s currently worth. Play with it, it’s a fun doll.

      • Back in 2014 there was a glut of used Snoop Dogg dolls and they were selling on ebay for about $20. Now in April 2021, they have sold on Ebay above $150. If your Junior has a blue shirt rather than the gray shirt, it could sell for up to $300.

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