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  1. I have an old Abe Lincoln doll, past down from family. I can’t find any markings on it. He’s 21” tall from top head to feet and 23” with top hat 🎩 on. His body, legs, hands are all cloth n stuffed in one piece. From bottom Feet material is black, then brown pants with a cpl stripes coming down and stripes going around legs every 1 1/2 “
    Legs sown to bottom/butt same material as legs. Then at waist a red vest with black stripes (wider n narrower ) is sown over a white shirt. Black tie around scarf (I guess)
    Then long black felt coat is sown over shirt n vest. Hands are stuffed w wh cuff and have no fingers. The head is plastic, he is smiling nicely, few lines around eyes, cheek n nose. Mouth slightly open showing teeth. He has NO beard.
    I’ve searched pics but cannot find a picture that looks like him.
    If you could be of any help, would be much appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon

    Naomi Scott

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