Ozzy Osbourne — 14 Comments

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  4. I have this one & Sharon dolls still in the box never been open. They don’t talk anymore because the batteries went dead & I don’t want to open the boxes.Are they worth anything? No interested in selling them them just curious. Thank y’all

  5. I have three Ozzy Dolls… One is Bark at the Moon Limited Edition #13552 still in the box, One is Blizzard of Ozz Limited Edition #00362 and the third one is Bark at the Moon ( SPAWN )
    My Cell Number is 832-540-8633 …. i do not get voice mails feel free to text me & i will call you back asap. Thank YOU

    • I also have three barbie dolls, one sun flower barbie, one cancer barbie & one aries barbie all dolls Ozzy & Barbie’s are still in the box and have never been open. Thank You.

  6. Do you sell the dolls? If so where do I go to get one? I really want the Ozzy one. I am a huge fan and collector. Please send me info if possible. Or call 1-(586)###-####. Thank you Tom Wright

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