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  2. i have a GERI HALLIWELL doll in box never opened, bought in 1998, wearing a long gold dress with a extra outfit in white,with red platform boots. is she worth anything,?

    • The one with the Union flag dress is worth around $35 on ebay right now (Sept 27, 2021).
      Use the Ebay link above to check but make sure you check the sold/completed option to see how much they really sold for rather than what is just offered. The On Tour one with the orange dress only about $10-15.

      The polybands on the late 1990’s dolls are beginning to fail(dry up and crack) so many of the accessories like the camera, microphones, and mini dolls are dropping to the bottom of the unopened boxes. This often lowers what people are willing to pay for these dolls because they appear to be missing.

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