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  1. I just got this figure. I wasn’t aware it existed until a week ago. Never have had an SWToys figure before. The body reminds me of Medicom RAH Catwoman/Harley figs I have. Not a Phicen but it’ll do. The hands could’ve used better detail. The jacket may not live super long (then again maybe it will (?)). The shoes are on the fragile side, but they’re super cool. The pants are rad. The likeness is terrific, the hair color and style are right on.

    Bottom line: I LOVE THIS FIG. It’s KStew, c’mon! And a darn good KStew at that. A Kristen Stewart figure. A Phoebe Larson figure. NEVER would’ve thought. Very stoked.

    • I was thrilled when I got it too, especially since the Mattel Twilight face molds of Kristen Stewart were so generic. The resemblance on this SWToys version is remarkable; the detail in the eyes is fantastic. The only downside is, as a celebrity doll, the Phoebe Larson character is from a pretty obscure movie and Stewart is not generally known as a redhead. The outstanding resemblance saves the day. I agree the sneakers are pretty cool with the real laces and best not messed with too much. The sunglasses are pretty nice too, I often borrow them for use by other dolls in videos.

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