Albert Einstein — 6 Comments

    • They went out of business, so watch Ebay and any of the other auction sites. They pop up every once in a while. It took me a while to find many of them. Who are you missing?

      • I’m missing Albert Einstein, Moses, Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, and Harry S Truman. I have the rest of the dolls

      • I am missing Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Jesus, Moses, and Harry S Truman. I have the rest of the dolls that were made by this company

        • At least 4 Einsteins on Ebay now. Looks like you took him off the list. Truman and Diana should show up eventually. Mandela was a real lucky find for me. I thought I won the lottery. Never tried for Moses or Jesus since they wouldn’t be real people portraits. Andrew Jackson was one of the last ones I finally found.

  1. Since WHEN is Edgar Allan Poe and striptease dolls belong in a search for Albert Einstein figures/dolls? Amazon is really going downhill with its searches. Over HALF the items shown have no relationship to what the specific search stated! It all started to go downhill when Amazon allowed third party merchants to sell via Amazon. I’m most aggravated!

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