Dwight D. Eisenhower (GI Joe) — 5 Comments

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    • I have this also… I have seen the Value from $39.00 to $75.00. If anyone else knows please let me know, because I want to sell mine. I also have General Colin L. Powell. Both in Box unopened. Thanks!

      • I realize you wrote that you wanted to sell your Eisenhower and Powell dolls many years back but by dumb luck do you still have them and if so are they still for sale? Thank You!!!

        • Hello Mrs. Pam,
          I know it’s been 2yrs. Since you posted this question however I was wondering if by any chance were you still interested in the above mentioned G.I. Joe
          ( Dwight D. Eisenhower 1997)?
          If so,I happen to have one in MINT condition , but loose.
          If not then I am sorry to bother you & I thank you for your time.

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