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  1. Have one never been out of the box in mint condition and your saying it’s only worth $10 it probably cost more to purchase it back in 1997 25 years old.

    • Sorry to break it to you, but there are a number of Jackie Robinson 12s that have sold on Ebay in the last few month for $10 to $35. Many for sale around $20-25 now (07Dec22). Not many people collect 12 inch sports figures and they were only made for a few years to compete with GIJoes. There were some great rookies with 12 inch dolls in the 1997-1999 period, who have now all retired.

      I think they are a great bargain. The dolls/action figures are well made, articulated and fantastic uniforms, clothing and accessories. For example, you could shadow box frame the Jackie Robinson’s, 42 Dodger Jersey and use it on a wall in a 1:6 scale diarama. Some have 1:6 scale wooden bats, balls, shoulder pads, skates, and gloves. I redressed the museum’s Jackie Robinson doll in my Snoop Dogg video as one of Snoop’s pack members.

      If you are thinking of selling yours, do it just before or around Jackie Robinson Day, April 15. The selling price should be higher then. Better yet, frame the jersey and sell it on Etsy for $50.

    • I just checked and the Starting Lineup Jackie Robinson doll doesn’t seem to be available on Ebay at the moment. Keep watching, it shows up fairly often. One sold back On May 24, 2021 for $9.99 plus shipping. An Olympic athlete has been interviewed about him so perhaps it will peak interest.

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